How Fog Computing Can Improve In-Store Experience on Mobile Apps [Video]


Thanks to Caligoo’s technology you can now navigate free by connecting automatically to the WiFi network on the Roadhouse official mobile app. Caligoo, which will be available at 80 Roadhouse locations in Italy, will improve the free internet connection service already provided by Guglielmo in all brand restaurants.

Features in the new Roadhouse mobile app include:

  • Seamless authentication: automatic user recognition and login
  • Dynamic quality of experience – best QoS/QoE for app users
  • Single user, multiple devices: connection of multiple devices with single account 
  • Effective engagment & personalized notifications 
  • Loyalty program integration and management 

Since April 2015, connections totalled 330,000, with a daily average of 572 navigation hours. Caligoo technology aims to make user navigation easy and quick and improve in-store experience.