Something Smells Foul in Retail


In Japan sales clerks bow when customers walk in a store.


In the U.S., shopping meant building as many stores as possible, stocking aisles with up to 100,000 SKU’s and kludgy experiments with kiosks and self checkout. By the mid 2000’s retailers became wedged between the on-line and off-line worlds. The chains were in a three front war of eCommerce, changing buying habits and the smartphone revolution. This quickly became a “Change or Die” problem for some and the tech vendors responded by blackening the skies over places like Bentonville (Walmart) and Minneapolis (Best Buy) for endless brainstorming sessions about how to respond.


According to a recent survey, in 2016 consumers’ expectations are outpacing customer experience improvements. “This year was particularly telling, as we found a steep decline in customer experience across all industries,” said Bruce Temkin, of Temkin Group.


In May 2016 Sports Authority joined American Eagle and the Office Depot with plans to close 700 stores. In 2004, Walmart opened the first eCommerce lab in Silicon Valley, eleven years after Amazon had boots on that ground. Walmart’s average net sales per store has dropped steadily since 2005 and in 2015, Amazon surpassed Walmart in market capitalization.


It’s not too late to win back wallet-share and boost loyalty from the 90m Millennials who demand good service, embrace the convenience of physical stores and assisted shopping apps but have little patience for lousy public Wi-Fi or untrained clerks. If retailers can accommodate the new buying habits, Millennials will readily opt-in and trade some personal profile data for high utility. 90m customers for life is the prize.


Caligoo came on the scene at the right time. Our application-aware hotspot solution provides retailers with a way to tailor the in-store and online experience to the customer’s interests and making it extraordinarily more effective. Application-aware shopping is monetizable and by embracing the innovative paradigm of Fog Computing, our solution eliminates lingering problems of poor connectivity and app performance, while giving customers a real-time business intelligence dashboard.


Caligoo is the best technology solution that enables retailers to deliver their customers an exceptional in-store online experience, through improved connectivity and personalized content, and understand their demands by collecting their data with its data analytics platform. 


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