Discover Caligoo’s Location Analytics Service [Video]


Leveraging Fog Computing, Caligoo’s Location Analytics service provides a set of realtime and batch metrics for presence and occupancy monitoring of venues, helping store owners to get a new set of incredibly valuable information straight out of the WiFi infrastructure.


Every analysis set is highly customizeable in order to meet the requirements of any customer.


Service includes:


  • Realtime Location Analytics: WiFi enabled devices are sensed and tracked inside the venue;
  • Realtime Occupancy Monitoring: per-zone and aggregated monitoring;
  • Per-zone Statistics: device manufacturer breakdown and device presence;
  • Realtime Charts: heatmap and histogram;
  • Heatmap: dynamically updated with per-zone details;
  • Aggregated Venue Statistics: breakdown by device manufacturer;
  • Per-zone Realtime Occupancy: averages over the last minute, 5 mins, 10 mins, and hour.


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