Caligoo’s Mobile Revolution Lands at the Palazzo Magnani Museum in Reggio Emilia

The Palazzo Magnani museum in Reggio Emilia will offer to all visitors of the Liberty in Italia exhibition the opportunity to enjoy a totally personalized and interactive experience thanks to the official exhibition’s mobile app, empowered by Caligoo‘s technology.


Museums have been struggling to provide visitors with an educational yet fun and easy experience. Thanks to the increasing number of opportunities provided by the most recent technological developments, the major cultural institutions – such as the Louvre in Paris and the MET and Brooklyn Museums in New York – have been experimenting new alternatives to facilitate the involvement of their public.


Caligoo offers a revolutionary technological solution for museums and all those facilities dedicated to tourism and leisure activities by taking to the next level their visitors’ online experience with free WiFi networks.


Thanks to Caligoo, visitors at Palazzo Magnani will be able to access the museum’s free WiFi network seamlessly and take the chance to look at the stunning Liberty style artworks in a totally personalized and interactive way on their own mobile device. Visitors accessing the museum WiFi network also will gain priority broadband, that is an optimized connection which is tailored on the online contents the user is downloading, with no problems with data speed. Moreover, Caligoo will offer the museum staff a data analytics system which will collect users data, in compliance with the law and in all respect of users privacy, to better understand visitors behavior across the exhibition space.


When we look at the cultural sector, the digital revolution has just started. This is the first time we have some services which are entirely dedicated to enhancing the visitors’ experience and realized starting from the pre-existing network infrastructures. At Caligoo – says Caligoo’s CEO Giovanni Guerri – we believe the network must be considered as an active player within the overall user experience system. Everything changes when you start to challenge the classical notion of access network at its very core.