Great News for Snow Lovers on Online Mobile Experience

Some great news for all ski lovers who plan to enjoy a winter break in the Dolomites.


In occasion of the past winter season, we talked about the peak performance Caligoo’s services recorded. This upcoming season Caligoo, partnering with Dolomiti Superski – the well-renowned ski area comprising 1,200km of sun-kissed slopes – took part in the updating process of the official Brand app 3D Superski to provide snow lovers with the best experience now available across the 12 skiing areas.


The Ski Route Planner is the quickest and safest way to find out your route from one point to another on the slopes, while the Ski Tracking service keeps a record of the routes you chose during the day and returns a summary chart on the 3D maps. The most competitive ones will be delighted by the 3D Supeski Challenge which allows to set up individual challenges and compare your profile performance to all other users who signed up to it.


On top of it, Caligoo’s technology will allow for an enhanced online experience on mobile devices by providing customized notifications, together with seamless connection and priority broadband to the free WiFi service available across all the 12 skiing areas.


3D Superski is available for all Android and iOS mobile devices on Google Play and iTunes stores.