Caligoo Focuses on Smart Cities with the Opening of a New Swiss Headquarter

Caligoo opens a new branch in Switzerland, which will focus on developing innovative services for Smart Cities and dedicated to public administrations.


After opening a first headquarter in the United States in 2015, the company grows within the European borders, aiming at the Swiss market.


We believe we have identified a market which is open to innovation, especially in regards to the services offered to citizens by public institutions. Thanks to our platform, our goal is facilitating the creation of an active relationship between citizens and the urban context they are living in by providing the most effective services. – Says Giovanni Guerri, Calligoo’s founder and CEO.


Guerri has been the CEO of Guglielmo for 15 years, turning the Italian company into a leading wireless network provider that counts at the current moment around 16 million registered users and manages almost 50 thousand access points in Europe. Caligoo represents an innovative vision of the access networks experience and technology, which stems from the team expertise on the field. At the very basis of Caligoo’s technology is the paradigm of Edge Computing, whose model implies the distribution of storage and computational resources at the peripherical edges of access networks.


Among its many applications, Caligoo’s technology has the power to revolutionise the notion of Smart City. In fact, services will not only include seamless access to the public access networks, but also the fruition by citizens of customized online content and the management and monitoring of incoming and outgoing data traffic from and to all connected devices, in full compliance with the current privacy legislation.


The opening on the Swiss market represents a highly promising opportunity to express the full potential of Caligoo’s technology.