Caligoo Boosts Digital Innovation in Italian Museums with the New Palazzo Magnani Exhibition

Caligoo will join forces with Palazzo Magnani in Reggio Emilia (Italy) to celebrate the opening of the exhibition Kandisky -> Cage. Musica e spirituale nell’arte on November 11. Thanks to Caligoo’s technology, all museum goers will have the opportunity to enjoy a customized and interactive experience by simply downloading an app on their own mobile devices.

Caligoo’s technology was available at Palazzo Magnani for the first time in occasion of the exhibition Liberty in Italia which opened last April. The partnership between the museum in Reggio Emilia and the company has been renewed following the excellent impact it had on visitors’ experience.

Visitors will just need to download the mobile app on their own device and access seamlessly the free wireless network at Palazzo Magnani to enjoy a customized and interactive experience of the Kandinsky -> Cage exhibition. Through the mobile devices museum goers will not just benefit from a free Internet connection, but also take advantage from network broadband priority, that is optimized broadband connection depending on the media content they are downloading, with no issues in terms of speed capacity. Moreover, the Palazzo Magnani team will also be able to collect usage data – in full respect of users’ privacy – to better understand the exhibition performance and audience behavior.

Thanks to Caligoo, Palazzo Magnani can boast a parallel with famous international cultural institutions, such as the Louvre in Paris and the Metropolitan Museum in New York, which have been testing new digital technologies to improve visitors’ experience.