Discover New Value in Old Assets with Caligoo’s Indoor Localization Technology

At Caligoo innovation is our mission.


We chose to embrace the new paradigm of Edge Computing, where resources are phisically closer to the user in order to deliver contents quickly and effectively. Thanks to this model, we are introducing on the market a number of unique tools, which are designed to trigger valuable actions depending on users’ needs while gaining relevant insights on data collected.


Caligoo’s indoor localization technology is one of our favourites.


If you, as a facility manager, need to drive specific behaviors in your customers and engage them with relevant content while in your building, then our service is the right one for you. You will save money by making better use of your wireless connection and your real estate. Moreover, you will understand what are your customers doing in your venue by collecting users’ data, in full compliance with the current regulations. You can even try out our analytics dashboard on our website.


So, while you enjoy growing value for your business from those previously-owned assets you did not know were of so much worth, we deal with all the rest.