If WiFi Only Had Brains

This note intends – using the example of a WiFi access network – to describe Caligoo’s efforts to introduce a revolutionary approach to all the access networks in general, that we believe will accelerate the intersection of humans, devices, smart cities and companies now and into the foreseeable future. The Caligoo team combined its vast experience deploying networked structures with a rigorous R&D approach to create a new category of really cool stuff. The result has been the development and deployment of a new paradigm for networked structures that we describe as — cognitive computing network software.


The Fun Stuff — A Short Story
After hours of hand waving heated debate (in English and Italian) and — with a whiteboard full of inane things (in English and Italian) — a colleague blurts out, let’s veg, order pizza and watch a movie.

Yeah, at times it can boil down to searching for your sanity eating pizza and watching a movie!

That said — there are no coincidences — the pizza was delicious (we’re based in Italy and Chicago) and the movie happened to be The Wizard of Oz. And in Scarecrow, we found a voice and character to explain our insight into the past, present and future of networked structures applied to telecommunications.

In The Wizard of Oz — Scarecrow is the character in search of a brain. Caligoo’s central thesis is that all telecommunications networked structures, including WiFi and Baum’s Scarecrow have much in common — they are both in search (and in need) of cognitive capacity — or an Active Brain. Nothing like Baum’s imaginative circa 1900 story, and his character Scarecrow, does better to illustrate the current quandary and the future opportunity set for telecommunications network structures.

Caligoo’s objective is to revolutionize telecommunications networked structures and become the leading cognitive computing network software platform for products and services deployed on network systems (be they WiFi, Cellular or landline networked structures). Starting with WiFi access networks, we envision a future where deep intelligence and computing is performed globally at the edge of networked structures.

Scarecrow WiFi is a useful terminology to describe the starting point of the transformation of an access network from a system just passing “bits of information through pipes” into a system where there is autonomy of control within the system itself. Said another way, the WiFi access network now has a modicum of brain power to do minimal real-time transactional activity to allow the network to privately and securely act as if it has cognitive capacity or intelligence.

Caligoo’s cognitive infrastructure takes Scarecrow WiFi – as well as any other access network – a big step further, being effectively an autonomous and dynamic cognitive telecommunications and data engine.

In summary, at its core, the Caligoo platform is designed to be the Active Brain that simultaneously influences the networked structures behavior and performs advanced computing. Our end game is for Caligoo to be the global standard that delivers both creative intelligence and computing power to humans, devices, smart cities and companies who must exploit networked structures to go about their daily lives and to conduct business.