New Scientific Publication on IoT and Edge Computing by Caligoo’s Co-Founders is Out Now

We are proud to announce our team members Marco Picone and Simone Cirani, among Caligoo’s founding team, recently published a new article on the Journal of Sensor and Actuator Networks where they propose a novel network architecture for the management of large numbers of resources in a scalable, seamless, and secure way.

The article has been developed together with colleagues from the IoT Laboratory at the University of Parma (Italy) Gianluigi Ferrari and Marco Mancin and represents their latest contribution to scientific research focusing on Internet of Things, edge computing and cloud computing.

The team provides a solution to manage the steep increase in the number of interconnected heterogeneous devices through the Internet of Things by introducing two new elements – the IoT Hub and its virtual replica. The topic has been much discussed as the Internet of Things is expected to interconnect billions of highly heterogeneous devices in future years.

The new publication is just one out of a much longer list and a significant proof of Caligoo’s strong commitment towards research and innovation.

Please visit the dedicated webpage to read further.