Caligoo Makes the Wine Taste Better at Vinitaly 2018


vinitaly_001A new successful collaboration is happening these days at the 2018 Vinitaly edition between Caligoo and hosting organization VeronaFiere. Vinitaly has been taking place in Verona for as long as 52 editions and has gradually become the largest international wine & spirits exhibition in the world as regards area and international attendance. Compared to the previous 2017 event, this year the number of foreign exhibitors has expanded by the 25%, arriving from 58 different countries. Attendance is expected to be well above the 2017 numbers – a total of 128,000 people, of which 48,000 came from abroad.

Caligoo is making wine tasting definitely hassle-free thanks to a variety of services which are aimed at improving customer experience, joining the digital world with the real one for a seamless and integrated service on personal devices.

For the 2018 event, we created a WiFi access platform dedicated to exhibitors, buyers and guests with personal profiling and different access policies, which is also integrated with the Vinitaly mobile app. A personalized management platform with custom reporting allows to collect and analyze data on network use and localization, in full compliance with the current regulations on personal privacy.

Caligoo is leading the way to an innovative vision on wireless access networks which is based on the revolutionary notion of Edge Computing, where network resources are at the edge of the system architecture. Thanks to this paradigm, the WiFi network becomes a fully-customizable strategic asset at the service of the network owner and able to boost customer experience.