SPS Italia Bilateral Meeting 2018

We are glad to announce our participation to the SPS Italia Bilateral Meeting 2018 taking place in Parma (Italy), on May 22-24. SPS Italia is the leading platform for the industrial automation in Italy and aims to bring together suppliers and producers whose interest focuses on new technologies of Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0. The event is organized by the Enterprise Europe Network in cooperation with further regional partner institutions.


At SPS Italia Caligoo is actively looking for new distribution partners to expand its market network both on a national and on an international level.


Why should you consider taking on our challenge? Caligoo’s cognitive access network provides a missing link in the world of the Internet of Things by filling the gap between Cloud and Things. Caligoo distributes computing and control, storage, and networking and communications functions closer to end-user devices. Thus we confidently believe Caligoo cognitive network represents the network for the Internet of Things, where the edge of the network is autonomous in collecting and managing big data, interact with applications, understanding what is happening in the covered area, and modify itself to support active services. We uniquely approach the topic of human-objects interaction, from a networking perspective, by providing software-based infrastructures able to manage the complexity of IoT and to allow applications to interact with objects without any prior knowledge or configuration, just like it happens between browsers and websites in the Internet we all know.