Caligoo Demonstrates the Role of Cognitive Technologies In Fintech at CeTIF in Milan Today

Today, Caligoo’s co-founder and CEO Giovanni Guerri is at CeTIF – the Center for Research on Financial Services, Technologies and Innovation – in Milan to join a public conversation on how businesses in Italy can embrace new opportunities offered by the field of fintech and insurtech and what advantages they can derive from them.


Among other success cases, we will highlight in particular our collaboration with Intesa Sanpaolo – one of the most relevant Italian banking group on the market – where we adopted our cognitive layer technologies to leverage proximity marketing strategies.


What does Intesa Sanpaolo can expect?

  • an improved rate of digital engagement of the bank’s customers;
  • optimization of the overall quality of customer service offered in the bank’s offices;
  • the ability to measure the RoPo (Research Online Purchase Offline) effect.


All of the effects above are the results of some game-changing strategies that businesses can put into place with the adoption of Caligoo’s technologies. A bank’s registered customer can receive push notifications on his personal device just because he is physically passing by one of the bank’s offices. The number of people standing or walking in their physical location, their actions online and their preferences can be measured to gain a better understanding of customers and outline new marketing plans or services.


Embracing Caligoo’s cognitive technologies unlock simple yet extremely powerful tools that bring businesses and customers closer than they have ever been. We are looking forward to having you at CeTIF today!