Increased Personalization is the 2020 Key Marketing Trend

In a recent Adweek article top marketing innovators were asked about the hottest trends in the field right now and which one makes them especially excited. Their answer provide a clear understanding on which direction marketing is veering: a fully data-driven, experiential, personalized strategy, with content creators contributing with the most original productions from all over the world.

It is in truth a hypercomplex, ever-evolving world, a vision which is yet supported by personalities the likes of Nik Tran from Hulu, Brynn Bardake from The Coca-Cola Company, Orchid Bertelsen from Nestlé USA, Lizette Williams from McDonald’s, Ivan Heredia from The Walt Disney Company and many more.

While Caligoo has been increasingly adopted on the international market, two trends caught our eye as particularly true: increased personalization and a stronger impact through the power of data. Tressie Lieberman, Chipotle’s vp of digital and off-premise, has a really interesting take on the subject. She says:

Retention will be king. As data provides access to a deeper understanding of the customer’s experience and preferences, marketers will focus as much on retention as acquisition.”

The reasons behind this is the ability to engage customers with content which is more relevant to them and through the channels they actually prefer in everyday life.

This is exactly what we have been offering with Caligoo: the chance to communicate with a brand’s customers in a way that leverage loyalty and the use of the same brand’s digital services. The platform therefore guarantees an undisputed profitability of digital data.

Here are some of Caligoo applications within a variety of settings, such as brick-and-mortar stores, large-scale venues and food and beverage businesses:

  • collection of data regarding customers’ habits and their online activities in stores;
  • analysis of physical behavior, frequency and duration of visits and relationship between external visitors and entrances;
  • customer location inside and outside the store;
  • recognition of the presence of a specific customer who access the store and notification to the staff of the presence of the customer;
  • customized real time engagement.

We trust this year you will finally leverage the power of your data to increase customer loyalty, retention and sales.

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