Caligoo Combines Innovation and Tradition to Deliver the Best Food Experience

Among Caligoo many applications, the food and beverage industry can greatly benefit from the opportunities our platform offers. This sector has remained relatively unchanged over the decades – with a strong focus on booking, ordering and paying – but today new mobile services can finally create new business opportunities.


Thanks to a joint partnership with a local diner located right in the historical center of Reggio Emilia, Osteria Guerrina, we developed a dedicated e-ticket which customers are able to download on their mobile devices and get a variable discount and a courtesy gift on their meal. The e-ticket saved on each customer’s device will also serve to send customized notifications and engage them in real time with relevant content, such as special events and discounts.


Our system has already proved to increase loyalty and a 70% growth in the use of a brand’s digital assets. In fact, it is demonstrated that customers react positively to ad hoc brand communications and tailor-made initiatives.


This is what Caligoo can do for the food and beverage industry:

  • collection of data regarding customers’ habits and their online activities in the restaurant, in full respect of the current EU data privacy regulations;
  • analysis of physical behavior, frequency and duration of visits;
  • recognition of the presence of a specific customer accessing the restaurant;
  • customized real-time engagement.


Thanks to Caligoo, we have proudly managed to combine the charm of a traditional food experience with the efficiency of the digital age. Find out more about our success case – such as the one at Vinitaly, the world’s largest wine fair – and check out our fields of experitse on Caligoo’s website. We are looking forward to collaborating with you.