Rethinking the Office During the Pandemic: It’s Time for SpaceTuner


What will the office in the future look like?


The pandemic forces organizations around the world to rethink the role and configuration of work spaces. One of the priorities is to provide a safe and pleasant environment to maintain high levels of productivity and collaboration among people in times of uncertainty.


In this regard, technology plays a key role. Thanks to advanced solutions, it is now possible to effectively manage every flow in and out of a building, as well as inside all environments.


One platform, all of the essentials


It’s time for SpaceTuner. A single digital platform offers the opportunity to redesign and manage the office experience, both for employees and visitors. SpaceTuner is modular and fully customizable.


Originally conceived with the aim to better coordinate the flow of employees during the lockdown, thanks to our customers feedback our system has developed into much more than that. Our web dashboard, combined with the mobile application and the self-service kiosk, it allows to:


  • manage the flow of people within each workspace;
  • supervise the movements of employees and visitors in and out;
  • adopt a branded mobile app as a virtual badge;
  • create e-tickets for visitors;
  • check-in and check-out, fully digital and seamlessly;
  • real-time communications with employees and visitors.


Safety, efficiency, flexibility: the choice of McDonald’s and Poste Italiane


SpaceTuner brings many advantages in place. Clients such as Poste Italiane, the Italian national postal service, and McDonald’s have declared complete satisfaction.


The solution provides greater security, efficiency, ease of use and flexibility in the organization and control of workspaces. You will avoid the risk of crowds and long waiting times at the entrance desks. Employees, guests and visitors will be autonomous in the access and will receive real-time notifications on their phone in time for meetings and special events.


SpaceTuner unique platform allows to achieve it all. Simply access the web dashboard to define permissions and roles with granularity, ensuring each user access and visibility to their functions.


SpaceTuner is designed to be compatible with the most popular productivity applications. Among others, the technology works with Calendar (Google, Outlook, iCal), to create meetings and add or remove guests, and Mobile Wallet, to distribute e-tickets to visitors.


The time is now. Request the live demo for free


In view of the challenges of the coming year and with people back in the offices in the fall, now is the right time to break with the past. SpaceTuner introduces an innovative system which guarantees maximum safety and productivity.


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