Who’s Running the World of Mobile Payments? Please, Have a Coffee

Who’s running the world of mobile payments? Surprise, surprise. It is neither Google nor Apple Pay. The real revolution started with a Frappuccino at Starbucks. As eMarketer reports, 23.4 million consumers use the Starbucks mobile app to pay their coffee right inside the chain’s stores, compared to the 22 million and 11.1 million who adopted Apple and …

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If WiFi Only Had Brains

This note intends – using the example of a WiFi access network – to describe Caligoo’s efforts to introduce a revolutionary approach to all the access networks in general, that we believe will accelerate the intersection of humans, devices, smart cities and companies now and into the foreseeable future. The Caligoo team combined its vast …

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Toward Networking Humans and Objects — At the Edge

As the world of computing evolved over the last 30 years — from the mainframe to the cloud and now to the edge — access network architecture and technology has unfortunately failed to keep up with this evolution. These networks were designed and functionally remain a system of “pipes” moving “bits”. To date, their purpose has been to conveniently …

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The Internet Broke, Again: It’s Time for a Change

The Internet broke. Again.   On Tuesday, an outage in Amazon Web Services caused a large part of the Internet, from popular websites to services, to be inaccessible for a significant amount of time.   What about the IoT? You may have heard about NEST’s problems back in July 2016, when, during a particularly strong …

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What Are Museums Doing with Big Data?

Museums have always struggled with understanding their audience and providing an easy, pleasant, yet enriching experience. Today, thanks to the latest developments in technology, a whole world of data is available to those who can take advantage of it. Can museums benefit from it too? According to a recently published article by Rene Chun on …

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